Orders are processed in the order that they are received after that expedited processing is not available when purchasing online.

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But the parcel appears to be lost based on the tracking information from the carrier before if it has been add than 15 business days as we shipped the package, choose contact us to begin a tracer on the shipment. But an item is not available in our dealership, we bidding check with our off-site warehousing partners and, if in stock, we will order the item from them. Address Type: But, we may find that one of more of the items you order are not at once available. We will work along with you throughout the insurance claim process. EUA Exclui:

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Delivery Insurance - Fraud Policy As a result of asking us to file an insurance claim, you certify so as to all information provided is accurate and truthful. If the box is visibly damaged upon delivery, only open it in the presence of the carrier. EUA Exclui: Buyers that file add than one claim may be subject to a delay in claim payment due to an increase all the rage investigative time. Complete both lines with all applicable information as well as Unit number or Box add up to. If the parcel appears en route for be lost based on the tracking information from the carrier or if it has been more than 15 business being since we shipped the box, please contact us to activate a tracer on the batch. All orders are shipped along with insurance as detailed below.


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